Petrolia NOCO is operator of two licenses and partner in ten licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

NOrwegian Sea Licenses

  • PL 887

  • PL 936

  • PL 937

  • PL 937 B

  • PL 948

  • PL 998

  • PL 1013 (Petrolia Operated, 60%)

North Sea Licenses

  • PL 018 C

  • PL 882

  • PL 992

  • PL 994

  • PL 933 (Petrolia Operated, 40%)

Northern North sea - Tampen spur, manet ridge

Tampen Hub Portfolio.jpg

PL 882 - Neptune (Op, 40%), Concedo (30%) and Petrolia (30%)

PL 933 - Petrolia (Op, 40%) and Equinor (60%)

PL 992 - Neptune (Op, 40%), Concedo (30%) and Petrolia (30%)

PL 994 - Neptune (Op, 40%), Petrolia (30%) and DNO (30%)

Petrolia has a 30% share in three licenses in the Tampen Spur. PL 882 was awarded as part of the APA16 round, where Petrolia recognised that the blocks to the west of Snorre Field were under-explored and the area will be better imaged with a new broadband data. Strong partnership with Neptune (operator) and Concedo lead to de-risking of prospectivity and positive decision to drill Dugong prospect in 2019/20. PL 992 and PL 994 were awarded in APA18 with Neptune as operator; Petrolia holds 30% share in both licenses. All prospects and leads are located within a short tie-back distance to Snorre Field, which life has been extended to 2040+.

PL 933 is located in the southernmost part of the Norwegian Sea and covers prospectivity related to the Manet Ridge. Although the region to the south is a well-established oil province, PN considers the Manet Ridge to be under-explored and are excited to operate this license to potentially extend existing play models and/or reveal new plays. The area is generally underexplored, but with proven hydrocarbons in the Albert discovery. 

Norwegian Sea - Frøya High

Frøya Hub Portfolio.jpg

The Frøya High is an attractive area which together with the Rås and Froan basins are experiencing high exploration activity. Petrolia are share holder in four licenses on the Frøya High, acquired in the APA17 and -18 rounds. PL 936 and PL 937 & PL937 B are located in proximity of the Fenja development (Pil and Bue discovery). PL 998 is located in the less explored southern part of Frøya High. Petrolia see the potential to open up new exploration concepts for the area.

PL 936 - Neptune (Op, 40%), Lundin (30%) and Petrolia (30%)

PL 937 & PL 937 B - INEOS (Op, 40%), DEA (30%) and Petrolia (30%)

PL 998 - Spirit (Op, 40%), Lundin (30%), Petrolia (20%) and Neptune (10%)

Norwegian Sea south - Halten Terrace, Revfallet Fault Complex, Nordland Ridge

Northern Norwegian Sea Hub Portfolio.jpg

Petrolia has two licenses in the northern Norwegian Sea located along the same structural trend with several fields and discoveries. We are partner in PL 887 located South of Heidrun field, which was acquired in APA16 round. Novus discovery is located within this license. Petrolia was also awarded PL 1013 as an operator (60% share); Ineos is partner (40%). This license aims to de-risk near-field prospectivity to Skuld and Norne fields. Cape Vulture discovery was made in 2016, 12 km to the southwest of the license. 

The third license, PL 948, is located in the under-explored area of the Nordland Ridge.

PL 887 - PGNiG (Op, 40%), Concedo (20%), Skagen44 (20%) and Petrolia (20%)

PL 948 - Aker BP (Op, 40 %), Petrolia (30%) and Equinor (30%)

PL 1013 - Petrolia (Op, 60%) and INEOS (40%)

Central north sea - Flyndre Field

Flyndre License Map.jpg

The Flyndre field is producing from Paleocene sandstone in the stratigraphically split license PL 018 C. The field is located 35 km northwest of Ekofisk and extends across the UK border in the southern North Sea.   

PL 018 C - Total (Op, 88.346%) and Petrolia (11.654%)